Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ronda's Grocery... This is My Legacy

The picture below is my favorite softball memento
My Father Samuel Ronda is the last person standing in top row
When I used to live at my old apartment in New York I had this picture of my father and uncles Old School softball team, Ronda's Grocery,  hung up on the wall and used to have visitor play "Pick my father out" as the joke was all Hispanics look alike.... Lol

For the Record, Astrid, my wife, picked my father on the 1st try - destiny
Sam Ronda - far right

I guess this picture is my softball beginning.

My legacy.
I guess this picture is my Softball Legacy. My beginning.

Love it.

I've been looking at it a lot lately as after a brave 7 year battle with a rare form of gall bladder cancer my Father, Samuel Ronda, passed away last Wednesday
Samuel Ronda September 2013 with his Granddaughters

Sorry for another obituary blog everyone, in fact this isn't an obituary it's just the Truth. I wish I could do a top ten, a voice over, a rant, but all I have is the Truth and I just gotta get this off my chest.

My father was a good guy, loved by his family, popular in the neighborhood, a hustler and he made his mistakes. Plenty of them, but he did the best he could as he was able to provide me with a home and an education. Yet despite living with and knowing him my whole life we had issues. We weren't close, but we were also not far. Sometimes father and sons just can't , I don't know , just can't... connect/bond.

We both wasted a lot of years.
Some of it was his fault.
Some of it was mine.

Ironically, I respected him more in the last seven years as he truly enjoyed life, was not afraid, and until recently had a very good quality of life. He was a warrior.

I saw this coming and I was ready, regardless those father-son scars stay with you and so does the regret. All I can do going forward is take the good he gave me and learn from the mistakes we both made. I won't waste years or time with Alexandra and Caley

It won't be easy, but I will connect with them. I don't want to feel this regret again. It's empty. I hate empty.

Our time together may be over but their still can be good done both personally and for others. Cancer is relentless and does not discriminate. I have already begun plans to form a Charity cancer tournament next year because we all know it's more than just game. Details will come in 2014 as I know all my softball warriors out there will go to battle against this dreadful disease.

Don't worry Pops, Ronda's Grocery will play again
and someday we will play together again
This is my legacy.


  1. I'm sorry Ricky. But thank you for sharing your thoughts about you and your dad. Beautiful stuff. Happy Thanksgivings my friend, Chuck

  2. Sorry to hear of your family's loss. I'm sure it gave your dad great pleasure to have sometime with his beautiful grandchildren. It's the holiday season and you have a lovely family to spend time with on Thansgiving. Marty

  3. Lov ya bro. Have a great holiday.

  4. My father was not a good guy and passed last year. The thing is, we all make mistakes. The key is how we battle through them and allow them to make us stronger. Through watching my father I made a commitment to be the exact opposite to my daughter and happily she's having a blast and loving life not to mention we're inseperable. Use what you didn't get to be the best father humanly possible.
    peace and light
    jack s.

  5. Moving blog Ricky. Sorry for your loss. Pictures of your Dad (especially w/ your kids) = Awesome!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!
    EMPIRE Softball

    1. DARIIIN OLIVER!!!!!!!!!!! AngHK 11! LOL!

  6. Very tough to lose a parent.Condolences to your fam.Tournament sounds like a great idea,can't wait!

  7. So sorry for your loss brother! Ang HK11.

  8. Very sorry to hear... though glad to get to know a little more about you...
    I honor you for having the courage to speak freely and frankly about something that will never be easy. You have brothers and sisters who are there for you and will gladly take the time to listen and hopefully act. The light goes out on us all and we must better prepare ourselves to live on with grace and dignity on and off the field.

    I will check in on you and never hesitate to call on me.
    We can all be strong together.

    Jon Libman

  9. Beautifully said Rickey. My condolences to you,your Mom, Wilhelm and the entire Ronda family. Thank the Lord that your Dad was able to meet and hold sweet little Caile and Alexendre. God Bless.