Friday, September 5, 2014

Game-Changing Breakthrough ...Shameless

Oftentimes a game comes down to one Game-Changing moment.
  • A homer
  • An error
  • A catch
  • A Base running decision or non-decision
  • A managerial decision
Life is the same way. A wise man named Jose Carrion

once told me "Your Life can change in a minute" and he's right.

As many of you know I have "Shamelessly

plugged my Charity Softball tournament on September 20th benefit ting the Cancer Research Institute:

The Tournament will be competitive and it will have many Game-Changing moments but none will make more of an impact at what the Cancer Research Institute did this week as

"the FDA approved a new immunotherapy drug for the treatment of cancer. This game-changing breakthrough has the potential to dramatically improve treatment of many different types of cancer.  Known as Keytruda (pembrolizumab), the drug belongs to a class of immunotherapies called checkpoint inhibitors. These drugs “take the brakes off” the immune response to cancer. They represent the most promising new cancer therapies to emerge in decades. It targets a molecule called PD-1. The drug has been approved for the treatment of advanced or inoperable melanoma in patients who have failed prior treatment.

The Cancer Research Institute has played a central role in the basic science and clinical research that paved the way for the FDA approval of this important new drug. Checkpoint inhibitors like Keytruda as well as other immunotherapies in development, especially when used in combination, will ultimately transform the treatment of many if not all types of cancer. It is a wonderful day for patients."

This approval once again demonstrates the power of cancer research to save lives.

That's what I call a Game Changer and why I am doing this event. 

To save lives

You can donate directly to the event directly at The Cancer Research Institute, on my page at :

All Donations are made directly to  the *Cancer Research Institute; *

To Stop Cancer I have No Shame.

Thank you

Holler Back!!!!


  1. Donating to cancer is a good thing, no matter how it's done. Joining Choice Parts...that's shameless.

  2. Won't be able to play...but good luck with the event!

  3. Joining probably the best team ever assembled for big apple, and playing a big role being one of the leading hitters on the best team ever assembled. Shameless! Ill take it. Stop Hatin!!!!

  4. Ricky's best move ever.

  5. We can see the finish line for softball and this very important Charity. Fuck Cancer

    Best Regards
    The Insider