Saturday, July 19, 2014

Burning the Candela at Both Ends

I used to love playing Softball on Saturday's on Noble Avenue in the Bronx. It was my one day to be A96 street Hispanic

On the way to winning a hard fought 2012 championship we were talented, unselfish, resourceful, and gritty.

But in softball that was a long time ago.Candela is now a shell of its former self

after last week's double forfeit loss.

We are disgraced,

shattered, and in shambles. Saturday softball sucks again. It's empty and a chore.

Whose fault is it? Simple: My Boy Gil Gonzalez.

I saw this coming since March. He loves this team, but his quest for control, poor judgement of talent/character, and horrible management/people skills have almost certainly doomed the season.

As an aside, Choice Parts decided not to recruit him this year - good call.

Going Forward Insider Opinon:

Due to a previous commitment I cannot make this week. I haven't missed a week yet, and they will miss me today as they need every warm body they can get. Honestly, there is talent but no desire, no leadership, no love. I will be very surprised if Gil makes this right. He's a great player who is just not wired to manage.

I won't quit , but a week I deserve a week away from this mess. Even my softball whore tolerance has limits.


  1. Double forfeit? Wow, that's about as low as it can get.

  2. Damn kid way to throw your boy under the bus.