Saturday, August 30, 2014

SB Modified GodFather Blessing

The Softball Modified Godfather Sal Guerriero has given my "B/C It's "More Than Just a Game" Cancer Charity Tournament on September 20th his blessing both in his
10 Man Modified Softball

This weekend - 2 big events. 10 Man Majors in Wisconsin (24 teams) and 10 Man Bs in Drifton Pa (34 teams).

The Softball Insider - MAJOR NEWS "B/C It's More Than Just a Game" Softball Tournament September 20th
On September 20th, Ricardo Ronda "The Softball Insider" is going to prove that Softball is "More Than Just a Game"as he and their softball warriors will go to battle against Cancer by playing a competitive Tournament in Inwood Hill Park (Manhattan NY).

Ricardo says, "Cancer is relentless and does not discriminate.We have all lost to CancerI hate losing and I hate this dreadful disease. To fight back we have to be relentless and this is my way of doing something about it."

Charity is: The Cancer Research Institute

and on his website

Thank you Godfather.
Interest has been strong and gaining momentum. More news to follow and remember "It's More than Just a Game"

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