Friday, September 26, 2014

Beware Dark Side SB "Al Bundy 4 Touch Downs at Polk High Syndrome”

Recently there has been talk of a spin off to one of my favorite TV Shows of all time - Married With ChildrenLove that Show.

Remember Al Bundy?

He was that funny lovable loser living a miserable existence 
  • Selling shoes at mall
  • Being poor
  • Hot but lazy wife
  • Dumb daughter
  • Social misfit son
  • Weird neighbors
  • Dog smarter than he was
  • Dreaming of the Nuddie bar
but no matter how matter how bad things got he clung on to his legacy leading Polk High to the Championship and scoring 4 Touchdowns in One Game at Polk high"

He never let that moment go. It was his legacy.

Legacy is important in life. 
  • It's what one leaves behind.
  • What one is remembered for.
  • What one has accomplished.
In softball "SB", we all have special moments that we cling to and define us. That's why most of us play the game. These memories are to be cherished and motivates us toward excellence. Being proud of what you've done, who your are, and embracing competition is the True Warrior Spirit and fun. Gotta love it

However, There is a dark side to legacy and we all know the SB type who brags about the Greatest Game they ever had. I call this the

 “Al Bundy 4 Touch Downs at Polk High Syndrome” 

Motherfucker just loves to remind you how good they are. 

Top Ten Ways  SB "Al Bundy 4 Touch Downs at Polk High Syndrome” is Dangerous

10. Past Performance is Not indicative of Future Results. Lou 22 always says "Judge a player for what they are now". Not what they were. Forget Al Bundy type homers, rbi's, shutouts, and catches. Are you getting the job done now? Be honest

9. Lie - See #10 above. You lie on what you've done. Who your are. Worse of all you lie to yourself and deny your softball health.

8. Excuse making - Blame Blame Blame. Excuse Excuse Excuse. Cling to the past instead of trying to correct current struggles.

7. Lack of Hard WorkSitting on Laurels is the worst thing you can do for yourself. Refusing to improve, work hard/smart, stay in shape, adjust.

6. Overconfidence - So prevalent. Confidence so important I've seen no talent bums succeed just b/c they think they are good. So when does over confidence happen? That's a thin line, but a precarious slippery slope, than can hurt a team or player irreparably

5. Not Humble - Goose Gossage once said "Those who have not been humbled will soon be humbled". Softball Gods don't like people who brag. 

4. "Needs of One Outweigh the Needs of Many" - Someone with an Al Bundy syndrome puts himself or another legacy player over the needs of the team by either comprising the defense, pitching staff, or lineup. Inexcusable and a recipe for defeat against good competition. I hate selfish. Hate it.

3. "P
rove he's a genius" - now Al Bundy wasn't that smart, but he cherished his accomplishment. I've noticed some manager try and grab the spotlight and shine by trying to outsmart everyone else with moves rather than let players play. I've done this in the past. I was wrong. 

2. "Bullet Proof"
Managers, players, or player/managers who feel bullet proof b/c of past accomplishments or financial status makes command decisions based on sentiment or feel entitlement b/c prior stud player status. No accountability is a recipe for disaster.

and the Number 1 Way SB "Al Bundy 4 Touch Downs at Polk High Syndrome” is Dangerous

1. Pride 

Love Al Bundy, just don't become one

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