Friday, September 26, 2014

Lochness Monster Scores a T.D Gig "B/C it's More Than Just a Game "...Professional

Urban Legend Low Profile Inwood Commission
Juan "Lochness Monster" Moreiras
He Exists
has volunteered to help me Fight Cancer, come out of hiding,  and has taken on the Role of
Tournament Coordinator "TD" for Tomorrow's

"B/C it's More Than Just a Game" Charity Event at Inwood Hill Park

He's definitely the most qualified for the role as he has experience, is fair, respects others, and respects himself. I would be nothing in the game without him and his helped has really helped me this week.

As his 1st act he sent out the following wise declaration:

Hello Managers

Thank you for taking part in this charity event! Ric is proud of guys and he will write nice things about you on his blog lol...  

For those who don't know me, my name is Juan Moreiras and I'll be helping Ric with the tourney this Saturday. I'll be the tournament director (that's the guy you buy beer & pastelitos). I will do my best to make it a good time for everyone.

Here are the tournament details:

FYI: The park rangers at Inwood are vigilant about drinking alcohol at park. They sometimes write summonses and revoke permits. So my advice - use discretion.

Inwood HIll  Park, Manhattan (Zip code 10034)
The park extends from 207st to 218st along Seaman Ave. The main entrance is on Isham St and Seaman Avenue. Our fields are at the center of the park. Inwood is a great park, the fields are good, there are bathrooms and shade.

West Side Highway North to Dyckman St. Exit. Make left on Broadway, proceed to 207st.
FDR North to Dyckman St exit. Stay right on 10th Ave, make left on 204st, then right on Broadway to 207st.

Parking on weekends is not great, but not impossible. Get there early and park anywhere in the Inwood area. There is a big parking lot on Broadway and near 216st and 10th Ave (by the bus depot).

Take A train to the 207th St and walk WEST on 207th.
Take 1 train to 215th St, walk west on 218st

The following Buses make stops in the Inwood area:
M100, Bx7, Bx12, bx20, BxM1
Exit the Bus on Broadway at 207st and walk west towards the park.

Insider Analysis of TD : Professional

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