Thursday, July 28, 2011

Right Temperment for the Job

When I umpire I like to be professional. For me that means:
  • Taking control/ownership, 
  • Being enthusiastic, 
  • Letting eh players play, 
  • Treating everyone the same - with respect, courtesy, and consideration.
  • Never being confrontational
I wish I was more laid back, but at least the players know I care and always give my very best for them. One of the more laid back & friendly umpires that I know is Eddie Hiraldo and recently while taking a break from calling the Wednesday Night softball action at 54th Street

Recently I caught up with laid back Eddie

Eddie is a great guy ad solid ump who may miss his occasional call but he definetly has the love of the game and the right temperament for the job. Never confrontational.
 God Luck Eddie - your always a pleasure to talk to.

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