Sunday, July 3, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect A96 Field

In New York City Central Park has 3 main areas to play softball.
  1. Hecksher Fields - located approximately 63rd street
  2. Great Lawn - 81st-85th Street
  3. North Meadow - Above 96th Street (A96)
North Meadow gets no love among most players, but in my opinion it is the nicest field.

Except for the slight hills in the outfield and the poor drainage, I prefer these fields as there is a better chance for parking in the neighborhood, the dimensions are softball regulation (there is no way you can tell me infield at Hecksher field 2 is the same size as field 6 ), and separation between fields is better (less crossover).

Unfortunately, there are no tourists, few hot girls, no stands for the fans and that all adds up to a poor hangout factor which makes it unpopular among many players. Oh yeah and how could I forget the fact that its all the way up on 103rd street. That's too A96th for most.

Too Bad - Great fields

1 comment:

  1. You forgot to mention the most important thing... BEER!
    There are no BEER guys uptown.