Thursday, July 28, 2011

A96 Over 90 Degree uniform in effect as Cee gets an F during the Playoffs

The playoffs arrived last Saturday Above 96th (A96) street at the 128th East Harlem Softball fields and players not only had winning money on their pre-game mind

but also keeping cool was the priority on this blazing 99 degree hot day. As everyone from A96 knows
that when the weather gets hot

 it's time to break out the nice cool wife beater uniform when you play softball and last Saturday everyone has fully decked out


My team the Hustlers defeated the Hit squad and moved on to the next round thanks to the amazing Ichiro like hitting of Flaco

who was simply a flash on that hot astro turf surface.On a down note, after employing 2 umpires all all season only one official showed up for this playoffs match up and he was terrible.

The officials name is Cee

and on this day he earned an F rating in every aspect of officiating. Maybe he needed to wear a wife beater.

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