Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Me Llamo Eric Brown

The following long ass boring video isn't exclusive TMZ footage of Buddy Holly still alive and pitching in Central Park.

No it's my friend Eric Brown on the hill. Eric doesn't get enough love in softball as he has always been a class act, good pitcher, and fearless competitor. More importantly, any day you get to see and talk to him in the park is a good day in my book. Awesome guy.

On a insider softball note, the only thing cool about that wack video was the Spanish message delivered by the insider on how to get on the blog. Break out your Spanish dictionary if necessary.


  1. Far too much attention is placed on another Brown , ( Mr. John ) , who is , of course deserving of it , but let's not forget Eric ( " Buddy Holly " ) Brown , also . This guy is a mencsh , a stand up guy , who refuses to lose . A fierce competitor and a pleasure to play for .

  2. Passes 90 degrees illegal.

  3. That is absolutely a "long ass boring video" which is surprising because it's a video of my favorite subject - me.
    Thanks for the words Rick, but as a point of fact, i stole my look from Elvis Costello. He stole it from Buddy Holly. -Eric

  4. Love playing with Eric!

  5. Rick, you really need a job.