Monday, July 18, 2011

Dogs Chasing Cars and Morty's Game go Ivy League

Previously featured in classic insider blogs, Los Locos and Morty's Game  have now gone up a level to the Ivy League as Columbia student Jessica
went live on location this past Sunday to film the Central Park Experience.

Don't know how she wandered into Hecksher field #2

but I think she got what she was looking for and more - A true NY Central Park experience -To The fullest . Good luck Jessica - and let us know how everything turned out - welcome to NY softball lore - you will never be the same again


  1. Luckily for her , Jessica didn't stick around long enough to see some of our worst sides , such as :
    1.) Joel arguing every pitch with Charlie
    2.) Louie Loco's stellar base running exploits
    3.) Angry Jack ranting about anything and everything
    4.) Enrique taking off his shirt
    5.) Bandana Man making another losing bet

    the list goes on and on and on...........