Monday, July 18, 2011

Resounding A96 Success

As previewed last week, the 7th Annual Robert Trillo Charity Softball tournament went down this past weekend and it was a RESOUNDING SUCCESS
on some many levels:
Level # 1 Financially we raised over $$$$4,000!!!!!!! for Cardinal Spellman High School athletic program in the name of our late friend Robert Trillo -  A deep hearted thank you to all who donated. Thank you

Level #2 Most importantly, the Turnout was amazing. It was very large fun crowd of enthusiastic fans and players who made this event special. 
(special thanks to Inwood original Richie Gonzalez left who came from Florida for the event)

Level #3 Fun -The games were so much stress free softball fun. The players gave it their all on the field to show everyone they still got it

even though they (and the announcer) may have been a bit impaired (sideways video proves that - ughhhh)

Great Time

as we had four teams that played all day

Level #4 Great Food and Beverages were Awesome  - Top Notch

Level #5 Prizes were given out with little Sammy (batting below)

winning a large screen TV. Holler!!!!!!!!  I had to point that out to prove to all you B96 people that even though A96 people may wear wife beaters

but our raffles are legit!!!!!!!

Level #6 My Team - I arrived a little late to the game b/c  my "ace pitcher" Guby and I went to the Dominican barber shop

to look presentable, but luckily the rest of my team was ready for action when I arrived

and they made me so proud and happy with their excellent off and on the field support.

Thank You Everyone - Next year the event will even be better

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  1. Great work Ricky on your promoting and input to this wonderful charity !