Saturday, July 2, 2011

As American As Apple Pie, Baseball, Fourth of July (& Fireworks)

It's 4th of July weekend and it's time to celebrate this wonderful country's birthday with
Apple pie
ugh I meant

awesome barbecue food
and playing baseball.

Yeah you read that right, I played baseball today
and it was fun. I participated in the Inwood coaches vs kids baseball game
Baseball above 96th street isn't perfect
(nice role model)

but it is official
and real
A very cool experience as the pace of a baseball game is so different from a softball game.
(that's me with mini me Inwood version's of Doctor Dre and Eminem)

This year the coaches finally got into the W column thanks in large part to a rare appearance by Inwood Legend Tommy Higgleson

You still got it Tommy.

Special Thanks to Juan "Blonde" Moreiras for all his hard work with this event and his kids. He's found a new home in little league, a much better place than softball.

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