Friday, November 28, 2008

Pole is to Mound as Stripper is to Pitcher - Law of Transitivity

Top Ten Reasons Why Pole is to Mound as Stripper is to Pitcher

10. Let's get this one out of the way it's their place of business.

They both get $$$ PAID $$$ to perform on them.

Stripper's get money, jewelry, liquor, drugs, cars, etc to bump and grind on the pole.
Ace pitchers get paid in money, jewelry, rides, liquor, food, weed, jobs, apartments, etc to stand on the mound (actually in softball it's usually a hole) and get people out.

9. They work alone on them.

8. They get to show off their bodies out there. Your naked out there with only bouncers and your defense to protect you.

7. You must maintain Concentration and Focus on both otherwise you will get knocked off by all the cat calls, heckling, and yelling.

6.All Eyes are on You. Men look at you, study you, and fantasize about you while you out there. They want you

5. Originality is a must while on them. You always need a new routine, new look , a new song, a new delivery, a new pitch to keep your customers coming back for more. Once you get a customer or batter thinking then you have him where you want him.

4. When your on the Pole or mound you become someone else in order to get the job done.

3. To be successful on each one must maintain Control and Balance

2. You can work on both drunk and high

and the Number One Reasons Why Pole is to Mound as Stripper is to Pitcher

1. Both are a source of Power and Confidence

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