Wednesday, December 10, 2008


A lot of fans like it when their favorite players show emotion like Joba "pumping the fist" after he gets a key out.

But in baseball/softball opponents do not like it.
Also, talking trash/shit is a no no.

The Phillies have made a point saying that Jose Reyes on field celebrations always gives them added motivation.

But the truth is that almost everyone celebrates on the field nowadays when something big happens.

See Jose Reyes critic Shane Victorino "pumping his fist" as he rounds the bases after Homering - hypocrite

On field celebrations and talking trash is goonish and foul. Bad Karma
The Softball/Baseball gods do not approve.

But all the best players do it.
Trash Talkers and fist pumpers are only liked when they are on your team.
When they are on the other side you hate them

For example, the Mets and Yankees just signed two of the biggest fist pumping culprits
K-Rod and CC Sabathtia

Just another reason to hate NY.

But I guess when your a pitcher and really good people will look the other way.
Same in softball.
One of the biggest culprit's is stud pitcher Fran.

Fran is an excellent legal modified pitcher
A championship pitcher.
Any team would be lucky to have him.
But part of his game is talking trash.
They works for him and times can work against him.
That being said anyone have his number for next year :))))))))

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  1. Who the hell would want to pitch for a bum like you Rick? You don't even know how to run a team you fuckin scrubb.