Thursday, November 6, 2008

YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!


He has become the 1st US African-American President making history!!!!

More importantly, what does that do for softball?

Silly question I think not.

It will CHANGE, INSPIRE, IMPROVE not only the nation but also softball and here's how

Top Ten ways Barack Obama's presidency effects softball

10. Speeches - managers will play Barack's amazing inspirational speeches to their teams before games against seemingly unbeatable opponents. Teams will huddle together before games and say Obama or YES WE CAN on the count of three.
9. Change - Change was the theme of Barack's election, it should also be the theme of many leagues that blindly allow illegal pitching.
8. Republican softball players will have more time to to concentrate on improving their game now that they don't have to defend George Bush.
Checkout the following George Bush interview

7. Democratic players will be happy now and be able to relax and focus
6. Less Ignorance - Maybe now more softball players that don't vote,and you know who you are, will actually vote.
5. Most increased taxes will be on people making over 250,000 so most players have nothing to worry about. Umpires could care less since they don't report cash umpire income anyway.
4. Softball is safe from media queen Sarah Palin.
That joke of a VP candidate can go back to Alaska where they probably don't play much softball. Checkout Sarah:
3. League Presidents and Commissioners will be held to a higher standard.
2. Shows that the rest of the world is catching up to and learning from softball.
In softball race doesn't matter, just your ability to play.

and the Number One Thing Barack Obama's presidency will do for softball

1. Proof that Anything is possible - If Barack can rise to power then you can improve your game. Just don't expect miracles to happen over night.

PS this was a tough top ten to write - what a stretch

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