Monday, November 10, 2008


By now everyone knows that Game 5 of the World Series between the eventual World Champion Philadelphia Phillies (yes fellow Met fans get over it) and Tampa Bay Rays was suspended and continued a few days later.

This was unique and kinda ghetto as the game was resumed at the point play ended a few days later with the Phillies earning their 1st Championship in 28 years

Yesterday in Inwood, the quarterfinal playoff game between Knockout and Jicome was suspended after 5 1/2 innings due to darkness all tied at 7.

It's not the 1st time Inwood has had to suspend games and resume them the following week, but hopefully it's the last time this year.

More importantly, a Suspended game is just another excuse for me to Top Ten

Top Ten Things a Continued game feels like

10. A Race - It's clearly a shorter game. Usually the team that scores 1st wins.
9. Time Travel - All your missing is the Delorean from Back to the Future.

Basically, you go to the future to the fix the past or some other space-time continuum riddle.
OK I watched way too much Star Trek when I was latch key kid.
Mr. Spock would say "Illogical"

8. Watching the whole movie and then falling asleep at the end.
You need an ending. So you go back the next day rewind your DVR to the ending to gain closure.
But honestly, all the emotion and mood built up from the beginning of the game is gone.
It's just not the same, kinda Anti-Climatic
7. Waste of Time - Honestly you want to play a whole game not just a couple of innings.
In Central Park fast pitch league it took us 5 days to play 3 games this year b/c of darkness.
It got annoying.
6. Short Changed. You pay $80 for doubleheader but only got $60 worth,
5. A test of Patience from the softball gods - Paciencia y Fe !!!
4. Your about to get lucky and then the girl changes her mind and says NO!!!!!!!
She then tells you "let's wait it's too soon". No further explanation necessary.
3. Standing Line at the DMV - painful but a necessary administrative evil
2. Traffic Jam - nothing to do but sit an wait

and the Number One Things a Continued game feels like

1. Empty - you haven't won or lost yet.
Your in Limbo with the softball gods deciding where your soul goes.

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