Friday, November 21, 2008


Dio Jackson, (below) manager and exalted ruler of Westlander Nation is down!!!!

Dio is recovery nicely from emergency appendicitis surgery.
Life is Crazy.
I guess softball is just a game in the grand scheme of things.
Rest and get well soon brother.
That's all that's important.
On a lesser note: What about this Sunday in Inwood?
The Westlanders and Criminals are tied 4-4 in the top of the 8th inning in the third and deciding game of the Citysoftball semi-finals.

Talk about High Drama this is it. It's something weird like out of an episode of LOST.

1 inning could decide a trip to the Championship.

Who will make the tough decisions?

Who will make all the phone calls and text messages?

Who will now lead the Nation?


John Sheppard (left below) to return.

John has led West to numerous championships over the years.
He knows what he is doing.
He is loved/respected by the players.
He thought he would have an easy gig as a softball consultant/coach with the Westlanders but now it looks like it's ALL on him.
1 inning for a Championship some softball vacation huh?
He will do fine.

I have to go to freezing Inwood and see how this plays out.
Speaking of going to Inwood, being the retards that he is, Dio will somehow find a way to go. So ....

Top Ten Reasons Dio will Risk Death and further internal damage by going to Inwood this Sunday

10. He's stupid

9. He's really fucking stupid

8. It gives him something to blog about

7. Thinks that it will inspire his team

6. He knows his speeches will be listened to now

5. Psycho

4. Thinks the cold and fresh air will do him good - reality check hommie it's Freezing

3. Will set up web cam and watch it from his Highlander truck

2. Loser

and the Number One Reason Dio will Risk Death and further internal damage by going to Inwood this Sunday

1. He lives for this

PS Dio - stay home - this is serious


  1. Dio,

    A) Dio is going to have this game played in the yard by his building where he can watch through his window.

    B) Dio is going to protest the timing of this game insinuating that he is being discriminated against.

    C) Dio is going to flood the fields in the middle of the night a la Kevin Costner in Bull Durham.

  2. The commisioners, umpires, and Criminals did this to him! Fran is next.

    PS very funny comment above

  3. F#ck The Westlanders.

  4. Who ate Dio's apendice?