Wednesday, November 26, 2008

There is another Skywalker : MATT WASOWSKI

While I am not even in the same stratosphere as a player as MATT WASOWSKI, it is good to know that I am not alone in the universe in regards to writing about softball.

There is another softball writing Skywalker - MATT WASOWSKI

Matt published this article a few years ago and it's great stuff

check it out:

p.s. Matt I an openly trying to recruit you (Sorry Marty) to play with me whenever it's convenient for you please contact me at



  1. Why haven't you guys updated the citysoftball site. if knockout won there would have been 10 articles on the win already...

  2. I thought Knockout did win?

  3. hey ricky, flattery will get you everywhere, though it does make me want to get a new non-skywalkeresque haircut. i'm still trying to figure out what marty has planned for this summer so i'm still waiting to make a decision out here on the hot free agent market. and p.s. - don't worry about offending marty...lord knows he's been around the block enough times to take it.

    matt "white chocolate luke skywalker" wasowski

    happy holidays!