Monday, November 24, 2008

NUM3R3RS!!!!!!!!!! 4 8 15 16 23 42

They same baseball is a game of numbers.
One common use of numbers comes in the form of statistics.

Batting Average - most common success barometer of a hitter's ability
Batting Avg with men in scoring position - AROD knows all about this number
On Base Percentage - Billy Bean lovers can relate
Number of Stolen Bases - Fantasy Baseball lovers love steals!!!!
ERA - shows a pitchers effectiveness in limiting runs

All the numbers broken down over time mean something.
But we'll leave that nerdy conversation for another time.

Another use of Numbers is identification.
Players wear numbers on the back of their Jersey to let people know who they are.
This number is personal.
It's Your baseball/softball Identity.

What does the number on the back of your Jersey say about you?

10. Favorite Player - You wear a number to honor your childhood hero.
Whether it be Pete Rose, Willie Randolph, Don Mattingly, etc ...
This says your a sentimental fool
9. Number 99 - says your an attention starved weirdo
8. Number 00 - another nut job
7. Number 7 - says your superstitious.
6. Number 13 - Your telling everyone that your so good that you don't care about superstition ( Dan Marino and AROD) - Shows Confidence!!!!!!!!!
5. Birthday - A lot of people wear their birthday for good luck. OK I can see that it's your way of being yourself. "Lou 22" for example
4. Number 69 - your a freak and pervert
3. Honor someone special.
Like Jackie "42" Robinson or Roberto "21" Clemente - you wear the number of someone you admire or miss. This says you have heart and realize baseball/softball is more than just a game.
Tie at #2
2a. Nickname Identification- 10 Mr Top Ten? - loser and weirdo
2b. Age - I knew of a pitcher who wore his age on his jersey - last year he was 72 - says your proud of who you are and that your clever

and the Number One Thing the Number on your jersey says about you

1. Individuality.
As a weird as it sounds, even though your tagged with a number it is really more than just a number. It stands for something. It gives you a meaning, a purpose, an identity

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