Wednesday, November 5, 2008


What would a season by without everyone getting together and on the count of three say Cheese or any Spanish curse word you can think of that sounds funny.

Top Ten Things a Softball Team Picture remind us of

10. Our humble beginnings and how far we have come
Highlander team Picture 2004

Highlanders are now a NYC softball institution.

9.Old Friends

This picture shows Inwood legend Oscar Cardenty (2nd from left) with his 1999-2000
Charlie Chaplin mustache.
Other NYC Softball Celebrities like Father and Son tandem Q and Dusty show up as well.
Where are they now?

8. Puerto Ricans always bend down in the front row

John Colon, Willie Ferrer, and Jose Carrion show Rick's 1st below 96th street player
Sky Milch (middle) the proper Hispanic team picture crouch technique in Lob Ball Champ's Revolution 2002 team picture.

7. Unity

West took the league by storm in 2001 with a team that still still very much
in place today. Except Richie Christy is lost somewhere in Staten Island.

6. Achieving a Goal
A team picture is always a lot better after you win a championship.
It's something you look at and will always make you proud and bring a smile to your face.

I will always look fondly at the Bombers team picture above because we beat a great pitcher to capture the 2008 NY Fast Pitch Title.

While the 2007 Big Apple West Championship is a great picture b/c that team overcame losing every first round game on their road to glory.

More importantly, sloppy bad Santa Murphy lying on the ground is funny.

5. The guy who does the least is usually the biggest camera hog in the picture

Case in point Rick pointing to the Sky in Knockout's 2006 Championship picture.

4. Liquor
After the softball game there is the after party.
The liquor bottle in the Phillies championship picture above (middle) says it all

3. Money and Style - several points to note
How much money we spend on uniforms. They ain't cheap. It cost money to look good
How much we like different colors - we are like gangs - gotta have our colors
How funny we look in uniforms.
Also, how bad we dress at times.

Why does Ricky always role up his sleeves (far left below making a muscle)?
Doesn't he know the 80's are over and has no muscles?

Another thing to note that it's in style to change teams.
Player movement is prevalent throughout most of the pictures you've seen above.

2. Tie - Fingers ( and I don't mean middleto the sky)
Someone always does the peace sign or does the thumbs up sign

As you've seen in other pictures above raising the index finger to let everyone know your number one is popular but holding up multiple fingers to remind everyone how many championships you've won is better - see West 4-peat below

and the Number One thing the Softball Team Picture remind us of

1. How young, in shape, and skinny we used to be. Man it's time to go jogging


  1. love it love it love it!!!!!!4 TIME!!!!!

  2. Are you sure these aren't pictures from a Riker's Island reunion BBQ?