Friday, November 14, 2008


Softball players and managers are superstitious by nature and definitely believe in Karma

Karma - "Karma" literally means "deed" or "act", and more broadly names the universal principle of cause and effect, action and reaction, which Hindus believe governs all consciousness. It is believed that only beings that can distinguish right from wrong, such as adult humans, can accumulate Karma. Karma is not fate; humans are believed to act with free will, creating their own destinies. According to the Vedas, if an individual sows goodness, he or she will reap goodness; if one sows evil, he or she will reap evil.

Leading up to a big game (like this weekend's unique Final Five Inwood playoffs) a player or manager will do anything to avoid bad karma and generate good karma.

No need to Top Ten about it.
Time for talk, blog, phone calls, analysis by paralysis is over.
Sunday is Game day!!!!!!
We all know pitching, talent, skill, focus, and determination is what it's 99.99% about.
But that other .01% Karma is the X-Factor.

It may be only .01%, but you'll take it or at least try and generate it if it helps you win.


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