Monday, November 17, 2008

KO Ko'd

Yesterday Knockout's defense basically fell part and we failed to advance to the CitySoftball finals.

We were not good enough

In retrospect, this team reminded me a lot of the 2008 Big Apple West team I played on this summer.

A good team that went through a lot and went as far as it could.

On West we couldn't get enough solid ball players and pitchers to show up consistently, but we held it together long enough to make the playoffs and advance to the finals four.

On Knockout we had 9 ball players who quit or got injured on us during an abbreviated 12 games season.

Roll Call of Knockout Lost Players
1Eric "Cabezza" Espinal - KO's SS- hurt his knee in September
2 Carlos Castro - went to play in EMS
3 Alex - didn't like it and quit
4 Lorenzo - quit when Alex quit
5 Sammy - quit due to lack of playing time
6 Gabe - a pitcher that quit
7 Davey - excellent pitcher that quit
8 Jaime - Beast hitter who had to work
9 Walter - short season for new guy was a bad fit

People can blame Blonde, me, the rain, whatever for quiting.
It's not personal to me and it's over. Hey it happens.
But in a short season that is a lot of turnover.
A lot.

But the bottom line is we were not good enough to get beyond the final 4.

In end I would like to thank KO's 8 weekly regular player's for being there rain or shine, 9AM or 3PM , cold weather or heat wave.

Chino - Mr Dependable
Gil - carried us
Eric Z - saved us at SS when Cabezza went down
Mickey - Gave us great versatility and even managed one week
Ralph - quietly had a good season and never quit
Gubi - self proclaimed "The greatest" - but was loyal throughout
Chris Casey - played a very solid 3B
Blonde - who never played 1 inning

I would be foul if I didn't give a shout out to Ko's semi-regulars who shuffled in and out
all season and played important roles:
Jack - smart ball player
Orlando - has great upside
Tommy - "The Natural" is working his way back from 9 ankle surgeries -
Hector - nice guy good hitter
Jarro - catches the ball like a gangster - only guy I never get mad at
Richie - amazing speed - drinks as much Jarro - Lot's of fun to be around
Georgie - Ko's Goon

Thanks guys

Back to the drawing board in 09'

PS is Castillo coming back?


  1. Wow, all of those guys quit? I don't blame them, they finally realize that you don't know how to manage a team and that your softball knowledge is horrible. Blondie is another fool who doesn't know his hand from his elbow.

  2. Hey Rick,

    You fuckin suck as a manager and a player. I'm suprised those guys even played for you.

  3. Don't listen to them Rick. I won a chip with you 2 years ago when you became the co-manager. Although nothing you said or did as a player or manager really contributed to our victory.

  4. If we had Edgar, we would be playing the Westlanders in the finals this weekend. That would of been a nice match up.

  5. And we'd be smackin edgar's shit all over the field!!

    And What!!!

  6. Edgar Jr. is fat and really doesn't care.

    -Edgar Jr.