Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mr Top Eleven BOXERS - updated

I usually don't do this but I must add one more Softball - Boxer Connection to this blog.
So for today I am Mr Top Eleven

11. Hector Macho Camacho = Dio Jackson
Both Raised in Manhattan.
Both Love Controversy.
Both Love their hair.

A lot of softball players are boxing fans.
It got me to thinking which Softball players most resemble famous boxers.

Top Ten Softball Player and Boxer Connections

10. Old School Boxing Legend Alexis Arguello = Gilberto Gonzalez

9. Randall "Texas" Cobb = Knockout RR
Bruto strength and a face only a mother could love.

8. Roberto Duran = Bobby Thompson (2nd from left below)
Both have Deadly Hands of Stone. Except Bobby would never say "No Mas"

I think Bobby used to be a boxer, I hope he doesn't kick my ass after reading this

7. George Foreman = Angelo Gonzalez

Both are dangerous Big men.
George Foreman could do more than just grill chicken.
His heavy hands and boxing savvy could knock you out at anytime.
Angelo is always a force in any lineup.

6. Ali = Gubby

Ali was great and loved to tell you how great he was.
Guby may not always be great but he loves to tell you how great he is

5. Sugar Ray = Mickey Peckins
Both so Lightning fast that you can't hit them

4. Oscar De la Hoya = Andy Ayala
The Golden Boy of Boxing has a softball counterpart - Sweet swinging Andy Ayala of the Westlanders.

Nether of these pictures are of Oscar or Andy - they just make me laugh.
Speaking of the Westlanders checkout their site at www.leaguelineup/westlanders

3. Felix Trinidad = Hector Hernandez ( last person standing on the right below)
Both represent Puerto Rico to the fullest.

2. Evander Hollyfield = Ray Ray Westlanders
Underestimated Smooth Power hitters

and the Number One Softball Player Boxer Connection

1. Mike Tyson = George Colon, well almost

Both are little big men that pack a hell of lot of Punch.
George is good guy and only bullies umps when he goes into his rage.
In softball there really isn't anyone I can think of that is as scary and intimidating as Iron Mike Tyson.

PS when you try and use this blog against me, please remember I called myself
Randall Tex Cobb there can be nothing lower than that.



    Where's Dio as Camacho???

    You suck!

  2. Randall Tex Cobb should be insulted to be compared to a loser scrub bum like you. I bet Tex can hit a softball better than you.

  3. Ricky's Top 10 Blogs
    This is #1

  4. Not bad Mr. Rick..but that last one
    about that bullies Umps ? I hope we don't cross paths.

    Ump OJ.