Tuesday, June 17, 2008

YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today SBI steps away from softball and looks at the Willie Randolph firing.

At the ridiculous hour of 3:15 ESt, the Mets fired Willie Randolph.
The Mets handled the whole matter in an atrocious matter.
Leaving him out to dry for days on end.
Is their an easy way to fire someone? No Top Ten needed for that - the answer is NO!!
Randolph is a NY guy and for the most part a good guy.
He had a lot of bad luck as a manager - injuries ( Church & Alou) , fluke plays, bullpen failure,
but truth be told he should have been fired after last season's collapse.
He was put in a "Can't Win" position in 2008.
If he got a lead in the division the pressure to not blow it again would have been on him, and if he got off to a slow start he was done.
Well now he's done.
He felt the pressure and his decisions have been horrible for the last few weeks
He's better off getting fired.
Now he looks good because the Mets handled it poorly, he can collect a nice paycheck, and eventually will get a 2nd chance to manage elsewhere.

However, Truth be told he did deserve to get fired.

Top Ten Reasons Randolph Deserves to get Fired

10. The Mets suck - Mangers are hired to be fired.
Don't worry if the Mets still suck under Jerry Manuel, GM Minaya will be gone next.
9. He gets too much of a pass b/c he was a Yankee and as he self proclaims "Is a Winner". judge him on the Mets play - which has been poor.
8. The Collapse - the facts are he was the captain of the Met Titanic ship that sank last year.
7. Under his watch Reyes has regressed. As a former MLB middle infielder Willie was the #1 person in charge of developing Reyes. The defensive regression of Reyes is unbelievable.
6. Manages with no sense of urgency - with his job on the line he takes Johan out with a 4-0 lead while throwing a shutout???? Horrible
5. Handles the bullpen extremely poorly. Wagner 2 inning or 4 out saves? Burns Heilman
4. I hate those horrible subway commercial he did in the past with Joe Torre - embarrassing - take some acting lessons in your spare time Willie
3. "Off the record" Racial comments a few weeks ago - how dumb was that
2. Truth be told at 34-35, The Mets are about to get over 500 and now was the last chance Minaya had an a losing record excuse to fire him. Whatever - this was 9 months too late

and the Number One Reasons Randolph Deserves to get Fired

1. Make goon Met fans happy. The Mets have been getting worse, not better under his watch - Change was needed.
Like Maximus in Gladiator - make the crowd love you.
Win the crowd and ticket sales will continue to be good.


  1. I MUST reply to this blog/Top Ten List...

    Top 10 reasons Randolph deserved to keep his job:

    10. The Mets SUCK- Can't disagree with that. But Randolph would've looked like a genius if he could've guided this team to the playoffs after this horrendous start. He deserved the rest of this season.

    9. Randolph played and coached for a lot of successful managers throughout his career. Pinella, Torre, Lasorda, Martin, shall I continue...He's a WINNER. Earned a chance. You don't measure that 70 games into the season.

    8. The Collapse- was an aberration. It's baseball- shit happens. Yankees lose 4 straight to the Sox in the playoffs??? Are you kidding me?

    7. Reyes has regressed because he is a player of this time- ego centric, self centered, selfish, immature kid. What's the difference between him and Milledge??? Milledge speaks English! Willie tried to hold him accountable for his actions (benched after not running out a ground ball). Higher ups did not agree with this decision and was non-supportive of Willie's decision. Reyes cried and pouted like a bit%& to Omar.

    6. Randolph played the hand he was dealt. Johan was leading 4-0 but he was over 110 pitches. Rick aren't you a student of the game? When's the last time you have witnessed a starting pitcher pitch a complete game? Very rare unless they have a no hitter going. This is the century of "the pitch count" not "complete games". Wake up and smell the cafe con leche.

    5. Handles the bullpen...what bullpen? They all suck and don't have a role because they can't nail down the opportunities. Let's not talk about Wagner. We all know his deal. He is no Mariano. But gets paid to CLOSE/seal the deal. Mets 4/5 games better if he doesn't blow games.

    4. Willie and Torre Subway Ads were classic. Promoted the Subway Series! $$$$.

    3. "Racial comments" was the icing on the cake. Played the race card. Didn't sit well with White Corporate America. Not good, although he may have been right. None the less something that should not be mentioned. For the record he said, "it just smells dirty". Honesty sometimes is not the best thing. Made a mistake, so be it. Not enough to get fired. Apologize, keep your job.

    2. Keep Willie, Fire Omar...that should have been the rallying cry by you Mess Fans!!! Omar made the deals to bring in all of these old, useless, injury prone latin players. One of which doesn't like to salute the flag during the National Anthem. How is that Willie's fault?

    And the # 1 reason Willie deserved to keep his job...

    1. 2nd most wins as Mets manager. You are judged by wins/losses. He deserved the rest of this season and decision to follow thereafter. This season is still young. Whatever happened to, "its a marathon not a sprint". The Mets brass panicked. They held the wrong guy accountable.

    Willie is a class act. Has dignity and pride. Cared about his players, the franchise, and the fans. Always played and managed to WIN. What else could you ask for?

    The players are the ones that need to go out and PLAY THE GAME TO WIN NOT TO LOSE.

    We will see Willie in a # 30 Yankees jersey at the All Star Game!!! Welcome back HOME Willie, we missed you.

    - Dio

  2. Ric,

    If Billy Wagner could close games as well as he gives interviews, the Mets would have won 7 out of 8 games going into tonight's game. Does that sound like a manager that should be fired?

    Also, Tony Bernazard is a snake. He's constantly giving the players information about meetings with Willie; what Willie has said, how he feels, etc. It was not enough that TB was a pimple on Willie's ass as a manager, he now had to throw him under the bus.

    What do you expect, though, from a franchise that has won as many World Series as the Florida Marlins?