Friday, June 6, 2008


The Blog about SS rankings led to an excellent and highly debated number of comments from the readers.

In the same spirit today I want to look at Lethal Left handed hitters.

If your a lefty hitter and you suck - we'll to me that's just inexcusable.
We all know that it's a lefty's game.
Lefty swings are so natural and sweet - they are a gift from God.

A wasted lefty swing is wasted talent - and like Robert Deniro says in the movie a Bronx Tale "nothing in life is worse than wasted talent".

OK so without anymore corny Rick talk here is my Short list of some of the most dangerous pure lefty hitters in NYC (switch hitters excluded) that I have seen.

10. Wayne Slater - Cardinals - mini Ryan Howard - Natural power hitter, when he is healthy and his timing is on - has just as much raw power as anyone.
Also, a smart player and very steady Left fielder.
9. Tommy Higgleson Who? - This guy isn't in NY anymore.
He works and lives in Iraq.
When I first started playing lob ball in the Bronx this was one bad ass white boy.
Think of him as a mini athletic version of Jim Thome.
Power, bat control, quickness, pitch recognition.
He played a few games in Inwood last fall with Cajita.
This guy could roll out of bed in the middle of a noreaster snow storm and go 4 for 4.
8. The Big Show (don't know his name) - 1st Class Yorkville/ Red Hook - Power to all Fields, hits slow pitching, arc, modified, sling - whatever.
Just one tough out.
7. Tie - Vic Baccorossa Choice Parts/ Aaron Fernandez Knockout/Dodgers. - Both guys have power, speed, bat control.
Vic can't hit while drinking Hennessy and smoking like Aaron can.
6. Dusty Quinones- another Cardinal - bat control, bat speed, hits to all fields, takes what the pitcher/defense gives him. Plus off the chart speed makes a defense uncomfortable.
5. Weechie - Destroyers/Twins - when his head is right - he absolutely crushes the ball. Hitting mechanics are textbook - excellent rotation.
4. George Colon - West/Highlanders - The biggest little man in softball is just AWESOME. Power to all fields. Explosive short compact swing, excellent extension, great finish to his swing - make shim a threat every time up.
3. Jack Steinman - His nickname is "El judio maravilloso" - The marvelous Jew.
Has played for everyone. Whether you like Jack or not - the man can flat out hit. the only way to play him is straight up or wherever your pitcher is attacking him.
Smokes line drives to all fields due to quick relaxed short stroke.
Has deceptive power as he lets bat fly when the situation presents itself.
2. Elvis - another Cardinal - it's like the have a left monopoly on lefties.
Simply the best CF in all of NY.
Sound hitting mechanics plus bat and foot speed, ability to recognize pitches and make adjustments, makes him a devastating force at the plate at all times.
Also, is one of the nicest guys in softball.

and the #1 Lethal Lefty Bat in all of Softball

1. Lefty (real name unknown) - Phillies/Destroyers
It's not a question if he will get a hit, rather it's a question of whether how complicated he will hit the ball to baffle a defense.
Ridiculous hand eye coordination, can turn on pitches, slap them , drive them, do the hooky poke with them whatever - Amazing.
The guy is a master softball hitter.
To make matters worse no matter how hard or soft the pitcher throws he runs up to hit the ball prior to the pitch - crazy


  1. #1 on the list is..........

    Without a doubt!!!

    John Sanchez (Central Park Softball League/Team Geminie)

    Ephraim "Lefty" Morales is a phenomenal hitter! However, while playing in the CP he didn't produce the way he did elsewhere.

    In the Championship series between La Maquina & Geminia Lefty went hitless against Ramon when John Sanchez had a good series against Solano who was a much better pitcher.

    John Sanchez, Number 1
    (Minor League Pitcher for the California Angels, played with Anderson on the farm).

    Ephraim "Lefty" Morales is a product of the Kansas City Royals farm system (pitcher).

  2. for my money when hes on, there is no lefty hitter more dominant than geo colon!!! case closed!!!

  3. and dont sleep on my boy danny santana

  4. Elvis is much better than all of these guys period. none of these lefties can mess with him.

  5. best lefty to play in central park is "BIG WHITE" Jeff Benowich. Best Hitter, Best First baseman, clutchest dude who ever played on those fields won multiple championships and MVP"S in eighties and nineties.Humblest guy and lethal in big spots