Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Walk-Off is a popular term coined to describe the last game winning decisive play of the game.

Yesterday, I hit a Walk-Off sacrifice fly to win a ball game, not the most glamorous type of Walk Off play, but a game winner nonetheless.

The sudden dramatic finality of a Walk-Off play is arguably the most memorable exciting play in all of baseball/softball.

Let's look at the Top Ten Types of Softball Walk-Off plays

10. Bad call - If an Ump blatantly blows a call at the end of the game, the painful/lucky memory will last with you for a long time. Softball gods have either rewarded or punished you. Depending on how ghetto the league is the Ump might have to get walked to his car for safety.
9. Strike Three - Stud hitter at home representing the winning or tying run goes down swing or taking strike three. There is like a moment of dead silence that will stick with you forever. Think Carlos Beltran 2006 NLCS.
8. Ball Four.HBP - You win or lose the game without a play in the field ever happening.
When this play happens I think of meeting a girl at a club.
To the losing team this play is like getting cock teased by a girl all night. You've been bumping and grinding her all night while buying her drinks and at the end of the night she gives a you a fake phone number.
To the winning team, you just met the finest girl in the club whose boyfriend cheated on her last night and is just dying to fuck the next guy she meets. You have to do nothing and you win.
7. Play at the Plate - Game on the line. The throw home. The slide, The tag. The call. It's Softball at its best.
6. Intentional Walk to Face the Next Batter - This play is done by a manager to go after a perceived weaker hitter or set up a double play.
When it works the manager looks great, and when it fails your the goat. Drama and Tension are automatically created
5. Game Winning Base hit - As a hitter you dream about these situations.
It's why you play the game
4. Error - How does Bill Buckner sleep at night? Every fielder's worse nightmare. Even though every good fielder wants the ball hit to him on every play.
When you make a game ending error, your like in outer space - it's cold, dark, and lonely
3. Home Run - Holler!!!!!!!! Softball Orgasmic!!!!!!!!!
Get your pile on at Home Plate!!!!!
2. WALK-OFF Grand Slam Home Run - so rare!!!! Sheer Joy and excitement - Baseball/Softball is the only game that when you celebrate you feel like a
little kid all over again.

and the #1 Top Ten Types of Softball Walk-Off plays

1. Stud Defensive Play - Litterally snatching victory from the jaws of defeat with a Double Play, Diving Play, Tag at home, over the shoulder catch, scoop at first, etc..
Nothing like winning and breaking your opponents heart at the same time.

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