Tuesday, June 24, 2008


A lot of players and managers place an emphasis on the time
before a game start - The Pre Game

Unlike the NFL, in Softball there is no pregame show with the likes of Howie Long or Terry Bradshaw breaking down the key points to the game.

Rather players have their own unique way of getting ready for a game as sometimes a game is won or lost even before it begins.

Top Ten Softball Pregame Activities

10. Looking for Parking.

At some fields this is irrelevant, but in other venues looking for parking is more stressful than batting with a full count and the bases loaded in the 7th inning with the game on the line. Nothing to get you ready for action after circling for 45 minutes with the game about to begin while trying to understand parking signs, getting correct change for a meter, worrying about parking too close to a fire hydrant, waiting 15 minutes for a spot to open up b/c the person currently sitting there is finishing their coffee or reading the NY times. Whew!!! Now that's pressure. I sweat just thing about it.

9. Cell Phone Calls - I highly discourage.

It's 5 minutes after game time and you only have 4 guys on the field. Time to warm up your fingers and ear by calling a bunch of irresponsible guys who ruin your escape from the Real World by making you call them from the diamond. Once the last phone call is made your probably too stressed out to even play.

8. Taking ground/fly balls, batting practice - This is an individual thing.

It's OK. To me more than five minutes of practice before a game is too much but to each his own

7. Playing catch, Stretching and Running -

Ah I highly recommend these. This gets the muscle's loose and ready to go.

6. Maja - in Spanish it means hitting the ball against the fence.

Earlier I said I didn't recommend batting practice (BP) before a game. The reason for this is that I feel Batting practices before a game is misleading and at times limited. If you hit the ball well in BP and struggle in the game, it can mess with your head. Or if you hit poorly in BP, it can also mess with your head. Whatever, I guess I'm a headcase (obviously if I write this blog) but that's how I feel. Also, in BP the pitcher may just grove it or suck and you might not have enough fielders to swing freely ( kind of ghetto).

I much prefer/recommend "Maja".

It only requires 2 people you can freely swing while hitting the ball into the fence, work on your mechanics, you don't have to chase balls all around (no running), and makes you aggressive.

5. Fighting - highly discourage

Pre game fights with fans, teammates, the opposition, and umpires are ghetto, dangerous, and a major distraction. Please refrain - there is no joy in this

4. Fixing the Field - this is fucking hard work.

In my next Blog I will get into this in more detail. But for example 3 weeks ago, I fixed the Siberia Softball field called 54th street in 99 degree weather and almost fainted.
Only players with true "Bruto" (ignorant) strength need apply

3. Spending time with your kid or significant other -
I highly recommend this. It will keep you loose, relaxed, and makes the family happy. Once the game starts you won't have much time for them so spend quality time with the family while you can.

2. SEX - This is a personal choice again.
I see nothing wrong with it as long as it isn't on the field and your safe about it.
Viewing porn is fine as well.

and the Number One Softball Pregame Activities

1.Smoking Cigarettes/Weed, Drinking Liquor, doing other non FDA approved drugs
This is only for "elite" athletes who need to relax and warm up in their own unique way

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