Wednesday, June 4, 2008

SS RANKINGS - updated

In NYC the most prestigious and arguably the most important position on any team is Shortstop (SS).

It's impossible to rank which SS is the best, but today I feel like giving it a try.

Please note: My rank will only consist of players I have seen.

10. Jose Carrion - Knockout/West - he's not a shortstop anymore, but it's not due to age or lack of ability. In fact with the exception of 1 or 2 guys on this list, Jose has the most overall ability than anyone when you look at his skills - speed, arm, range, quickness, ability to go after pop ups. He's very talented, but lacks focus. He wants to make the ESPN Baseball Tonight web gem play, but ends up botching easy plays. He not only botches them, he makes them worse. It's a shame.
9. Herman - is the opposite of Jose, lacks the pure raw physically talent, don't get me wrong he has good hands and instincts but man is this guy smart.
I call him PBS - because he's boring - he makes all the routine plays and is always in the game. A winner.
8. Sito - Who? Taino shortstop - may one day be #1/2 on this list.
Excellent power, strong accurate arm, good range and nice guy.
Already a winning player with tremendous upside.
7. Kip - doesn't play SS for Choice Parts anymore, but is smart, soft hands, good arm, and is always in the game.
6. Tie John Carter - Diesel/SummerTime - They say wine gets beytter with age, well so does John Carter - smooth hands, good decisons, never quits. Good compact stroke as a hitter.
5. Vic Boccrossa - took over SS from Kip on the Parts years ago and has only improved his play every year. The guy is a human vacuum cleaner and will throw the ball at any time trying to catch base runners napping.
4. -Ralph - Contact. Excellent, Great instincts. Old School. Never takes a play off.
3. Cabezza "Eric Espinal"- all Cabezza does is make the plays, Excellent footwork and infectious winning attitude. A Gamer
2.Hector Hernandez - West/Highlanders- arguably the best all around defensive player in softball. Has heart, hustle, speed and excellent range. As a hitter has been turning on the ball more lately, which only brings his overall game to another level.

and the #1 Ranked SS in NYC

1. Alex Vasquez - Hurricanes/Merrill Lynch one word - PROFESSIONAL!!!! - No one has the combination of Hands, Quickness, Arm, Range, Instincts, and Positioning that this guy has plus he is a mega power hitter - the guy will save you at least 2 to 3 runs a game. True Stud!!


  1. Are you serious?

    what about:

    Frank Jimenez

    Mike Strong

    Raffa (Destroyers)

  2. Where's Dio Jackson on this list?

    Give this guy some credit. He can come off the bench after sitting for about 30 games and get the job done.

    Think Luis Sojo...

  3. True! Dio has 3-4 months worth of splinters in his Culo and can still swing a bat.

  4. Hector is my SS and always will be. Range, arm, speed like any other...but more heart and hustle than anyone. The unquestioned leader of any Hell's Kitchen/West team. As he goes so do we.

    But......if "Ralph" is supposed to be cuban american Rafael Hernandez (brother of Gabe)and not some white guy from the upper east side. Then you obviously have never seen him in his prime. Again range, arm second to none. And the best hands I've seen. Has faced and HIT against the best pitching in the city, when the Central Park Saturday league was the best around. He is the reason (along w/Gabe)that Contact/Bubbas plays the way they do. Rarely make mistakes, hit the cut-off man, hit behind the runner. He set the tone 20 years ago and all his teams follow suit. He's all about winning and making the right play each and every time. He demands it from himself but more impressively he demands it from his teamates. Some guys don't like that and don't like him for it. But if you want to be play like a winner and be a winner there is no better example than Raf. By the way he bumped Shawn Dunston out of SS on their HS team......Well, that's not true but only that kind of talent would make him a 2b.

  5. Here is an individual who has created a name for himself by himself but was never ever the best shortstop in the central park softball league. Even at it's decline in the early 2000's there were better shortstops than him.

    Finally, why did Raf the greatest shortstop on earth switch to C when they went away to tournaments? Cuz the team had two catchers better than him all the time.

    Oh yeah, John Carter played SS ahead of Raf at tournaments.

  6. Thanks for proving my point. Raf is all about winning. I'm sorry I'm not familiar with the habits of one tournament team. Maybe what was best for the team was to move to CF. Maybe Carter and others aren't as talented to move to center. Your talking 2000's when he's in his mid 30's I'm talking
    '88 to 2000. Where were you? You can with with other SS but if you want a winner Raf is the one.

  7. Sometimes people play other positions in tournys because they want to help the team but it could also be because the other person cant play another position or has to much EGO and wont play on team if he doesnt play SS. Alot of politics and BS goes on with teams.
    Raf is top SS along with Hector-im sure there are more out there but id take either 1 and im sure id win the whole thing with them locking down infield. Of course it takes more then 1 guy but its a great place to start.
    I bet between them they have more Chamipionships then the Yankees,haha i might be pushing it but you never know. RAF won alot in CP and im sure ohter places and Hector has won alot with me and im sure alot in Bronx leagues.

    Jimmy Meyers

  8. Jimmy, you played in CP in its hey day, there were plenty of SS who were much better than Raf.

    Eddie Hernandez Gemini
    Raffa La Maquina
    Frank La Maquina
    Glen Pryor SS Power Drive

  9. To tell you the truth. Its very, very hard to say who is the best. Im sure they were all great. However, i might be influenced because ive seen RAF win CHIPS many of times and it was WON because of D and timely hitting. The LOUNGE if im not mistaken didnt have the Tournamnet Pitchers when they were winning. Its been a long time, so im not 100% on who they had pitching at the times but if my memory is right, they used to win as a team. They werent a DOMINENT SP team as alot of teams were. All those paid pitchers.
    Again-its very hard to compare SS or any players in fact. They each bring a sweet game and solidify a team. Raf-became a better hitter later on but was always sweet at SS. Ive seen him more i guess to base my opinion,so please dont take my word as gold,haha
    Any top 20 SS in whole 5 boros can probably take TOP 3 in different opinions of others.

    Jimmy Meyers
    If i started a team-id take Hector first though because he can run and does alot of little things to win games. Again-i dont know everybody, however knowing RAF or Hector, i dont need to know anyone else.

    Oh by the way! I started playing with another SS Amil, he is very good also. He will be a force but heard he plays OF better. Young player, worth getting on teams, i hope noone steals him from me.

  10. Ricky
    Make a blog about the biggest dickheads & worst teammates!

  11. John!!!!
    That list would be funny as hell!!!!!


  12. what about my boy jose benjamin, he was smooth over there. hard rock baby!!!

  13. jose benjamin was probly better than half that list

  14. hector is my guy too!!! but raf just dont make mistakes over there in my opinion he should be #1!!