Tuesday, June 17, 2008


On the TV Show The Apprentice demanding, obnoxious, and bad hair Donald Trump

would have fired Willie Randolph

last season after the Mets collapse.

Calling out Willie as a bad manager.

But What if there was an Apprentice TV Show with Softball managers how would they rate?

Let's Top Ten ( List based soley on managers I have played with or against)

Top Ten Softball Managers

10. Drunk Lou from the Cardinals - Trump would FIRE HIM immediately. Great guy, funny guy, nice guy, but reaps the benefit of having a stacked team. Sorry but no drinking allowed on the job.
9. RR -Knockout/Gallagher's - Fired Day one.
Hated by own team mates. Thrown under bus.
8. Butchy Guevares - Clemente Pirates - Trump Would Hire him!!!!!!!
Excellent leader, works in corporate America, a fine player in his own right.
7. Pete Martinez - Merrill Lynch/Wall Street League /Blue Jays - Trump would like Pete's personality and honest tough love methods. Players always play hard for Pete.
Unfortunately, Pete would Get Fired b/c he wouldn't follow company policy - specifically dress code. Pete's is known as the James Brown of Softball.

6. William Jomarron/Frank Degenarro - Merrill Lynch/Long Island.
Fired After 5 minutes! Power tripping conflict with Trump would never last.
5. John Rosenmiller - Choice Parts - Rosenmiller is a very good manager and recruiter.
A master at playing the corporate and softball game.
He would definitely make the finals on Apprentice and would be a heavy favorite to get hired.
4. Bob Morello - Charter Fabric - laid back manager, loyal, good buinessman, looks at situations objectively. Bob would do well on the Apprentice might make the finals as well. Bob may be too nice and low key for Trump to like.
3. John Sheppard - Manager West - excellent championship resume.
What makes John - his loyalty and stubbornness can at times hurt him.
Trump would Hire and Fire him like George Steinbrenner Hired/Fired Billy Martin.
True Love/Hate relationship
2. Dio Jackson - Highlanders/Sox - Ozzie Guillen lookalike

Trump would like his attention to detail, passion, dedication, and resolve.
Dio's controversial non-corporate Ozzie type rants and raves would not go well with Trump -
he would be Fired!!!

and the Number One Top Ten Softball Managers

1. Juan "Blonde" Moreiras - Retired Knockout/Inwood manager - Softball's version of Yoda.
Trump would like Blonde's open mindedness and ability to think outside of the box.
However, he would have FIRED Blonde on the spot the day he wore this Halloween outfit to a playoff game

To quote the great softball philosopher Tom "Shooter" Murphy" -
FRANKENSTEIN???? It's THE PLAYOFFS!??!?!??!?!??!

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