Thursday, June 12, 2008


A huge sports story going on nowadays is the NBA referee scandal.Former corrupt and crooked NBA referee Tom Donaghy(pictured here with NBA commissioner David Stern)

alleges that the 2002 Lakers-Kings Game 6 playoff game was fixed by the officials
- see story on

Since I've been umpiring lately this got me to thinking about softball umpires and personalities that I know and whether or not they would "fix", ""throw", or "rig" games. hmmm let's explore

Top Ten Softball

10. Tie John Sheppard and Tom Murphy - West manager and star pitcher -NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I repeat NEVER!!!!!!!! would throw a game.They would rather die or have a limb cut-off. Come from the old school.

9. Dio Jackson - I would say NEVER also. However, he would give you such a Denzel Washington type guilt speech that you would go to confession afterwards to atone.

8. Me - Honestly it would take some obscene amount of amount for me to be bribed - probably at least $5,000.Odds are that won't happen.I fear retribution for the softball gods to ever accept a bribe.
I also respect the players and love the game too much to ever do it in a competitive game.

7. Looch - Umpire Chelsea/Yorkville/Inwood - bribes aren't Looch's thing - eating pastels and selling clinchers are what he likes to do.

6. OJ - umpire in Central Park and avid reader of - nice guy and active umpire. My gut says he falls into the RR school of bribes - wouldn't want to ruin his reputation, but if a ridiculous offer was made he would take it. It's normal.
5. Camacho Yorkville ump - probably, but would 1st ask the league for a raise union style, then if his demands were not met he would do what he has to do.
4. Issac "Gubi" Delgado - Not an umpire, excellent hitter.
Would throw a game as an umpire (not as a player) if someone paid his monthly car payment or paid a speeding ticket.
If they couldn't pay that, then he would accept a happy meal for his Daughter Evercy
3. Gilbert Gonzalez - not an umpire - stud player.
Gil has a lot of pride and wants to win.
He also wants to "get paid" or as he says "Me van a Mojar".
A bribe for him would represent a conflict.
My guess is that he would NEVER throw a game as a player - too much pride unless he either was blown away with an outrageous offer or really hated his teammates.
2. John Castillo - arguably one of the best softball players around ( not an umpire).
If they game was important and personal to him or his close friends NEVER!!!!!!!!
Otherwise no comment

and the Number One Umpires or Personalities I know and whether or not they would "tamper" with a game umpires - they say a picture says a thousand words - you look at the pictures and decide

P.S. My boy Wimpie on the LHS in the picture above gets a pass.He respects the game and players. Bobby on the other hand hmmmm ....

Freddy Gonzalez - good guy runs the league and head ump - has improved his league

Rest of the crew - you decide


  1. Dude, what are you doing in the Bronx,especially Pelham. I will give my props for Freddy and his most of his crew, but not all. They are a good bunch of guys. They have the best Ump gig ever, 1-1 count to start every batter...sweet.

  2. Raul
    The league the Freddy runs is the best league in the Bronx. He is fair and honest and you don't have to worry about illegal player. He also runs a good crew of umpires. I glad to be able to play for a league that commits to its player. Let's just play ball.