Tuesday, June 3, 2008


My parents probably took a lot of time and thought into coming up with my name RR ( all parents do).

My dad liked Ricardo and my mom gave me the middle name of Julian after my sugar cane cutting Cuban grandfather.

However, my name changed yesterday.
To numerous strangers for 7 innings I was now being called one of the components of the full spectrum of colors R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. specifically BLUE

Yesterday I started umpiring.
I wear a blue short sleeve banana republic shirt while I ump, so everyone calls me BLUE!!!.
No one says "Your my Boy Blue" like in the cool movie Old Skool

It's now BLUE.
Top Ten Things I was referred to in association with the word Blue
10. Good Call BLUE! - positive reinforcement is nice - might help you get a call later
9. What the score BLUE? - so fucking annoying - Morons lose count
8. We have 2 guys on their way BLUE - translation your in forfeit avoid mode
7. What inning is it BLUE? - so fucking annoying!
There are only 7 innings it can't be so hard to lose track?
At work do you ask such dumb questions?
6. What's the score BLUE? - Really fucking annoying!!! Nothing like a $250,000 a year earning banker that can't add
5. What inning is it BLUE? - you get the point - repetitive
4. YOU SUCK BLUE!!!!!! - OK a couple of those are fair and part of the game
3. Way to get out there BLUE!!! - players appreciate and deserve hustle
2. Way to be consistent BLUE!!! - players appreciate someone that is fair
and the Number One Things I was referred to in association with the word Blue
1. Your earning your money BLUE!!! - that's really want umping is all about really.
You want the game to competitive, fair, move quickly, so you can collect your cash.
It's like the mortgage industry - everyone is in it together for the $$$
In the mortgage industry the real estate agents, lenders/banks, assessor's, investment banks, inspectors, traders, they are all in it together to get paid.
Same in softball, the Commissioner's, parks department (permits), food vendors, umps, and stud teams all want money.
P.S. I hate umping. I would much rather play


  1. Dude, you sucked as a player!!!

    perhaps in your new carrier you will fair better.

    Good luck!

  2. hey moron, the word is "career."

  3. now you and your platoon can finally put an end to illegal pitching

  4. I don't even know where to start..
    Met fan, Blue, Jokes, web site...
    Like my Dominican brothers would say, " tu ta paso ". But in a good way.

  5. Is that what our softball world has come to?
    You being an Ump?

    Now we know it's over.

    PLEASE get a job!!!


  6. #10 on the lethal lefty list? You gotta be FUCKING kidding me. You just woke up a GIANT big boy!!!!!! Half of the dudes in front of me can't hold my jock strap! I'm joking dude. Thanks for the compliment but I WILL move up that list. You're the best. You make 250k a year and STILL looking to get you some extra bread? I love the hustler in ya.