Saturday, November 10, 2012

CitySoftball Responds to the King via Press Conference

In riveting and legendary press conferences
 Mayor (not King) Bloomberg did an amazing job of informing and updating the city of Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. One of his decisions that was not as popular was the closing of many NYC Parks the following weekend, even in non impacted areas like Inwood Hill Park. Many Inwood players were unhappy and one bravely came forward to file this commentary (his face is hidden by a hockey style catcher's mask to protect his identity)

In response to this controversy CitySoftball held the following press conference
(Please note due to Extremely High Permit Costs our budget could not afford a cameraman, lead speaker, and sign language interpreter so we had to make do as follows)

Bottom Line: The aftermath effects of Hurricane Sandy remain an ongoing tragedy, but closing the park last week was wrong. It was safe. Sorry but King Bloomberg 

you didn't need to flex on this one. Bad call.

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