Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Moving Plastic Furniture while serving 25 to Life

Despite getting a record number of comments recently (thank you), I have been hit with a severe case of writer's block for the last 2 weeks.

It's not one thing. Key factors include :

I've fought through most of these issues and gotten peace to some extent except with one : Knockout Poor Performance. You see Knockout is our team in Inwood and it's the equivalent to a 25 to Life softball prison sentence. Like the Eminem's song 25 to Life

Knockout makes me feel like I'm stuck in a bad relationship. The worst part is the apathy. Most players are there to just be there. We've been compared to Mayaguez from the Big Apple League in that we are a talented bunch who can't get it together. Don't get me wrong that all falls on the manager, Me. I've made my share of mistakes, but I've also been loyal, selfless, and committed. So what to do?

Step 1 Relax Fellow manager Dio Jackson of the Westlanders gave me some good advice "Ricky bottom line you and I take losses home with us, but the players go home and forget about it so relax". Dio is right. He helped relax me and I've been able to replace my anger, hate, and disappointment now with something better Honesty. They say the truth will set you free and the Truth is Knockout as currently constituted has two chances to win : Slim and None. We are like plastic furniture
tacky, sterile, and an eyesore. Being an above 96th street kid when I was little we had plastic furniture which I hated but from time to time my mom

would re-arrange the furniture. I asked my mom about this yesterday and she said that even though the furniture was ugly she would "cambiar los mubles para buscar suerte" (change the furniture to find good luck).

This week when I play the two time defending championships Westlanders. I am shifting my entire plastic furniture team around. I will be loyal to my nucleus for playing time, but everything else is out the window. It's not panic, it's a necessity. The house needs a makeover and I'm not afraid to remodel my 25 to Life home. I'm not expecting to add beautiful new microfiber furniture, but I can't sit down and get glued to the plastic as the heat turns up down the stretch. "Hay que buscar suerte"


  1. Replace yourself,and stop looking for good advice coming from the enemy. Stop counting on blondy.

  2. To much talent in a team its proven that it dont work...
    Now a team with talent and alittlebit of underrated players works me!!!!

  3. Alex goldman is an ass...
    He thinks he so nice,walk like he the man...the kid got talent but really needs an attitude change...and i really think a better player he got heart and is a humble guy says hello and hugs people when he arrive to the park.and wishes them a good week and all that,that the players u should have in your team......u cant fall in love with talent.....if there no winning mentality and respect for the game......everything will suck!!!! (R32-ralph serrano).

  4. Castillo, the name is Blondie, like the rock star!

  5. I agree with anonymous #3. A team with all superstars doesn't guarantee victory. Look at the Yankees in the 1998. Brosius. Girardi Curtis Ledee etc. You need the right mix and chemistry.

    Jim Bitros

  6. Wow thanks anonymous!!!!!
    Well i guess talent is not enough u also must be an ass....
    Im considering being an ass my self like rodney dangerfield....."im telling yall i get no respect...."
    Ricky dont worry move on...managing is not easy when therea 12 divas in the house....just kidding! Life is more important softball is there so u can enjoy life!!!!! Ralph serrano now knoww as R32......!!!!

  7. CP all the talent in the word.
    3 peat.
    How about them apples.

  8. You aint no rockstar,BLONDY! Just having fun. Hows work anyway?. lots of free time i bet.

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