Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sb 8 Mile Friendly Reminder

Remember everyone that even though though the weather has been absurd
 the season is not over. I remind myself that everyday on my bus ride to work. I used to hate the bus, but now I look forward to it as an opportunity to jot down my ideas

and organize my observations, experiences, and thoughts. Kind of like that really bad movie 8 Mile (phat song but horrible flick (only good when Em' raps)) and I've been known to walk the Softball 8 Mile before 


and I am doing it again everyday to both work 
and games

On the Softball 8 Mile I've listed down the following posts coming to an Inbox near you soon:
  • SB Press Conference
  • 1 Inning
  • Managers vs Player - Winning
  • Empty Field
  • It Comes in 3's
  • When an email mattered "LT"
  • Game Ball
  • Ronda Beane
  • Hangover
  • Live by the Sling Die by the Sling
  • Kenepa
  • Season review - All Ronda's teams
Time to get off the bus and get to these pipeline topics are a friendly reminders out there to my beloved readers, as well as all you anonymous comment leaving folks out there, that I come in peace, and hope to cure the softball amnesia caused by my recent absence. Time to get off the bus and make my writings come to life

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