Friday, November 23, 2012

Anniversary Marks Jet Math How 31 Divided by 25 Equals 44...Perpetual Pain

Flashback:  November 22nd, 1981 - 31 years ago exactly yesterday. 

On that day a little fat Spanish kid who had barely picked up a football in his life (and knew even less), had family in Miami (built in Dolphin hate), watched a team in green play in Shea Stadium vs. the Miami Dolphins. 

Both teams were 7-4-1 at the time. and it was a good game. The Dolphins lead 15-9 in the fourth quarter when a pass to Jerome Barkum
from Richard gave the Jets a one-point lead, and moved them into 1st place. I thought to myself, wow these guys are good.

That's the day my 25 to Life 

Jet Fan prison sentence began

Flash Forward: November 22nd, 2012

Patriots 49 Jets 19 - Pathetic. Just fucking Pathetic.

The team is just a joke, a bad joke.

A 4-5 year cycle of Perpetual Jet Pain continues

  • Phase 1 - Hope - New regime
  • Phase 2 - Excitement - New players
  • Phase 3 - Heartbreak - Steeler Loss
  • Phase 4 - Anger
  • Phase 5 - Clean house
We have entered phase 5 and I am a true fan, but this not even Pro football anymore. 

Clean House

  • Mr T (GM) out - get a football man to run the team, not a capologist (numbers guy)
  • Fat Boy Out - he's embarrassing
  • Sanchez Out - getting worse, not better
  • Teebow out - nice guy bum should never even have been brought here
  • Holmes Out - asshole
  • Cromarte Out - thug has gotta go
  • Scott Out - older player at end of career
Except for returning Revis Start over - again

It's now been 44 years since the Jets have won the Super Bowl.

44 years and counting, I'm a good fan but it hurts and I am sick of it

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