Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Good Sandy

The devastation caused by the Hurricane Sandy in our area

has been shocking and clearly will have long lasting repercussions both Off 
and even On
Great Lawn Field 4
the field. I hope all my readers out there are doing well after the terrible storm.

Ironically, the name Sandy will be synonymous with this storm forever. However  one of the players I've admired the most for his grit, talent, and determination is also named Sandy - Sandy Zinn.

The guy is a winner

Not flashy. Not Selfish. Not Obnoxious.

but gets the job done becuase he is Reliable, Aggressive, Intelligent, Focused
and much more,

A lot of times you see a guy on another team who is an excellent player that you would love on your team because of their talent.  Sandy's ability is noticeable, but over the years what really stuck me was how hard he played. You could just tell he puts everything into every play. Bottom line he makes other players around him better - My kind of player. 

He's been a winner Below 96th (B96) for years

Now he's taking his game to A96 - Inwood style
 While the damage Hurricane Sandy won't be forgotten or belittled, it's worth noting that softball has a good version of Sandy - True Gamer

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