Friday, September 2, 2011

Repeal This

I am a proud citizen of this beautiful city, but King

 I uh mean Mayor  Bloomberg

our great no term limit ( he decided that) leader

is nothing more than the embodiment of The Man. All he does is shit on and bully the little guy , just like the Man. Let's look at some bully facts that resemble this famous scene for the classic movie History of the World

under his administration:
  1. Double Parking Tickets - gee who gets hit with these?
  2. Double Permit Costs for fields - thanks.. Mother Fucker Doubles everything
  3. Crack down on small businesses - taxes, especially on sole proprietorship's audits
  4. Repeal the Term limit laws so he can stay in power and continue to ride the Rudolph Giuliani success wave
  5. Increase Port Authority Tolls - C'mon don't tell me he's not down with that
  6. Traffic Camera- that shit ain't for public safety - It's to get paid
Oh yeah let's not forget the World Trade Center still hasn't been rebuilt
I don't want to hear that's out of his control, give me a break the city milked the ground zero tourist trap thing for years. Now guess what? Well he re-raised softball permit costs again.
My Inwood bill is up 50 % ( see below)

and oh yeah and they took away a week from me to give it to some asshole in Inwood who rips little kids off and won't even use the field that day. Stupid and Foul.

Speaking of foul , with all the rain and tropical storms we've had, Oh yeah Mike you remember that, you shutdown the City for 2 days, for Nothing , the insensitive and for lack of another word ASSHOLE Park's Department under Bloomberg won't issue additional permits
in September for leagues looking to conclude the playoffs and championship. Sorry but that is so fucked up. Am I being Harsh? Hell Yeah and they deserve it.

There's way too much at stake for me to be fake, There's too much on my plate , and I've come way too far in this game to turn and walk away and not say what I got to say b/c King Bloomberg and the Park's Department has Fucked New Yorkers like you and me over.  I never would've dreamed in a million years they could be such assholes but they are. It's Classic Man tactics - Bully the little guy

I know so many people who feel like me, pissed off because this ain't right, we share the same views and the same exact beliefs. I hope someone in power read this and it strikes a chord, with somebody in the office, I truly hope my words inspire and impact someone with the common sense and heart to help us. All we ask is for the fields to finish our season and have a good time , we need help and unlike King Bloomberg we can't repeal the laws and bureaucracy for our own personal and egotistical purposes.

Mike, you run a good company but you dissed us on this one. End this madness and let us play at a reasonable cost. Remember, If I lose my field , then I will just repeal my vote

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