Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The blog has been gone for 2 months, but unlike previous gaps in postings my absence didn't have to do with work, family, or lack of time. rather it had to do with softball, specifically assholes in softball, who drained my life force.You see I've been playing in Inwood on Sunday mornings this fall and then umpiring there in the afternoon league. I've officiated high intensity goon games where motherfuckers were getting there goon on me on every pitch for 5+ hours. Honestly, I handled it well, but dealing with it did tire me out. It's like my main man Eminem raps "But what happens when karma, turns right around and bites you and everything you stand for, turns on you, despite you?" - WHEN I'M GONE 

The final breaking point was when I called strike three on a batter who took a slow lob down the middle that short hopped the catcher. Way to close to take. I mean swing the bat dude. After strike three the batter took his bat and threw it into RF, and then made a threatening motion toward me as to punch me. That really bothered me. I mean do I really need this shit? I am a player. I have a good career now. I needed a break and that break also affected the blog.

That break is over. 

I miss this blog. 
I miss my readers. 
I miss thinking.
I miss writing.

You can't be afraid to swing and miss in softball or life. They say time heals all wounds and this recent absence has really made me appreciate this forum. It has allowed me to connect with people on a totaling different level that transcends softball after all it is more than just a game and while the games may be ending in the next few weeks, but the Season we call life goes on.

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