Sunday, January 23, 2011

Goon Blog

I always say "Never Blog when your angry", but that doesn't apply right now b/c I am much worse and more than angry - I AM HURT.DEEPLY HURT

Steelers 24 Jets 19

Sheer Misery. We blew this fucking game. Whether it was the lousy 1st half defense, punting, coaching (Why the fuck didn't we run out the half???), and atrocious goal line play calling when we mounted a furious second half rally only to fall bitterly short.

We blew this fucking game - Pitt was running in fumes in the 2nd half

I've been a fan for 31 years, and this ranks up there in heart breaking losses. It hurts bad, real bad

P.S From the bottom of my heart and I mean this, I want to say FUCK YOU to Every weak hater who actually reached out to diss me after this loss. You are so WEAK. WEAK. I may be in misery now but your are WEAK and only kick people when they are down. So Weak


  1. Hey Rick i agree with you %100 FUCK THEM JETS HATERS.

  2. When the Jets were winning the first two rounds you haters weren't around to talk shit. Now that they've finally been eliminated, you cowards decide to take your tail out from between your legs and talk nonsense. I agree with Rick "FUCK ALL OF YOU HATERS"

    Al Goldstein

  3. As a true Blue Giant Fan I did not take the loss of the Jets as badly as a true Jet fan. I did want them to win because they are a New York team but more importantly because so many of my good friends are Jet fans and I knew how devastated they would be by coming so far and not making it to the Super Bowl. On a positive note maybe next year it will be the Giants and Jets playing each other in the Super Bowl. It could happen. Now I guess I'll be rooting for The Packers to go all the way. They are a class act with a great QB and I just can't root for The Steelers. Go Packers!!!!

    Jim Bitros

  4. maybe if the Jets concentrated more on their game as opposed to their "trash" talk and "guarantees " in the papers every week , especially from their coach /leader, people might have a little more empathy for their loss against the Steelers . Don't "talk" the game , PLAY it ! Then when you win the big one , you can talk all you want !

  5. Rick,

    Rise above the anger. Don't lower yourself to the level others should never approach. You can't control others in your life but you can control how you deal with it. Let it go. Be Rick. Classy, Great guy.

    Be peaceful!!


  6. I agree it hurts.
    But who is talking shit. I don't see it.

  7. The black and Gold baby!!! the drive to super bowl 45!!
    long time Steeler fan and here is were the Jets went wrong.
    you seemed to have a sense of entitlement and privledge since beating the pats. like you didn't need to play against the Steelers. all you needed was a pitt stop and then your way was clear to Dallas.
    but your team did not show up. you can't give the black and gold 24 points and expect a a comeback. this all starts with Rex Ryan. i give you credit for playing well in the 2nd half.
    your team fought like lions but were led by donkeys.