Thursday, September 16, 2010

Intercambio A96 - B96

Last year in Puerto Ricoand this past Saturday in Trenton NJGil, Gubi and I took part in a very cool Latin softball tradition called
"El Intercambio" (the Exchange). The Intercambio allows Latins who live in different places to come together for a day and play softball, make new friendships, and of course eat/drink plenty of good food, beer & rum. Its softball at its true social best - very good worthwhile fun stuff.

"El Intercambio" got my politically incorrect mind to thinking that if Latins who live in different locations could get together to play softball and socialize and exchange cultures, then why can't people who live Above 96TH Street (A96) and Below 96th Street (B96) do their own softball InterCambio. I mean it's 2010 it's time to tear down barriers so let's explore this possible exchange of cultures via softball:

(Exchange #1) B96 invites A96 to a Softball InterCambio

  • Location : Hecksher Field 5 Central Park - right in the heart of Manhattan
  • Permit : Yes
  • Time : 12 pm (Noon)
  • Actual Game Start Time : 12 pm (Noon)
  • Music : None
  • Speaker System : None
  • Fans: Tourist from all corners of the world
  • Lineup Card : Mandatory
  • Ball : City Clincher - 2 new balls
  • Pitching Style : Whatever
  • Game Length : Two sharp seven inning games
  • Uniform Requirements : None
  • Bats : ASA approved only
  • Umpires : 2 paid ASA certified of course
  • Obstacles/Hazards : Fans laying out on blankets getting a tan and other players on crossover fields
  • In Game Refreshments : Overpriced Middle Eastern Hot Dog Vendor
  • After Game Meal : Sushi, Croissants, Starbucks Coffee, Hagen Daz, Thai, Bagels with cream cheese, Tofu, Cuban-Asian fusion, prime rib, and pastrami.
  • After Game Beverages : Beer - Domestic and Imported
  • After Game Activities : Weed
  • After Game Hangout Spots : Union Square, Meat Packing District, Lower East Side, 3rd Avenue Bars
  • Length of After Game Hangout : 30-45 Minutes at most
  • Remembrance : All digital pictures posted on Face Book
(Exchange #2) A96 invites B96 to a Softball InterCambio
  • Location : Inwood Hill Park Field 3 - of course A96 people would have to explain to B96 folk that this is located in Manhattan as most B96 people think that this is the Bronx.
  • Permit: No - first come fist serve basis
  • Time : 2 PM
  • Start Time : 3:30 PM
  • Music : Non Stop blaring Bachata and Merengue
  • Speakers System : Yes. At least 20 feet high - lots of base
  • Fans: Chelo, Rick, and a lot of other ruthless drunk hecklers
  • Lineup Card: Card board box if your lucky
  • Ball : 1st game Dudley (or clincher gold) to make it a life threatening experience and in game 2 a regular clincher for peace of mind
  • Pitching Style : Game 1 Modified , Game 2 Lob, Game 3 who cares
  • Game Style : 2 normal seven inning games followed by one 3 or 5 inning game before it gets dark
  • Uniform Requirements : Mandatory and must be matching
  • Bats : Anything short of a pipe is allowed
  • Umpires : One drunk guy who stands behind the pitcher ghetto style
  • Obstacles/Hazards - idiot kids hitting baseballs into your game
  • In Game Refreshments : Delicious chicken, cheese and meat pastilles at bargain basement prices
  • After Game Meal : Rice, beans, yuca, platains, chicken
  • After Game Beverages : Beer - Domestic and Imported. Plus Brugal or Bacardi Rum. In addition, attending Alcholics also can bring premium hard liquor like Hennessey or Johnny Walker. Please note :drinking before and during the games is encouraged.
  • After Game Activities : Weed and dominoes
  • After Game Hangout Spots : Dyckman Street trendy hit spots like
    Mamajuana Cafe
  • Length of After Game Hangout : 6-8 hours - at least 10 pm
  • Remembrance : Polaroid camera pictures

I've played both above and below 96th street - it's a great game anywhere you play


  1. Very funny... but you under estimate A96: 1. they got a professional photographer to take photos. 2. The umpires must be ASA and dressed appropriately and ONLY speak spanish.

  2. thx juan for a sec i was worried i'd hafta dust off the old polaroid ;-)

  3. I was on same plane when y'all did that intercambio, my team was going to play corazal, they came this summer and we played at Lindsey, brooooklyn. .....we going again this year, day after Thanksgiving

  4. are there armed guards available for hire to take the skinny white boys back to the subway from the Inwood fields ?