Thursday, July 26, 2012


For years
the Robert Trillo Charity Softball game
has been a very cool event in Inwood Hill Park.

This year the fun continued A96 style as friends got to relive their glory days

and enjoy themselves.

CEO and Chief Financial Executive of the event Freddy "Bloomberg" Martinez

led the cause raising over $5,000 in the name of his friend Robert Trillo to be donated in his honor to his Alma Mata Cardinal Spellman, (yes I did play football for Spellman - Al Bundy Ronda).
This year the game had special meaning as a long time participant of the Peter Urquiaga
passed away last winter and was remembered by friends and family alike. This year and every year going forward my team in this event will be named Urquiaga

in Peter's memory. 

He loved this day
Far too often on this site I remember those have passed away, but this was different. While he may have drove me nuts, he didn't deserve this. He was full of life, had a wonderful family.
He died far too young.

 This one bothered me and everyone else very deeply.

We will never forget
Life is fragile and hard sometimes, damn... this one hit home

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