Friday, September 2, 2011

Me llamo "Rodriguez"

LawyerTime "LT" , AKA The Lou 22 Crew,

 lost their perfect season when they dropped game one of their best of three series to Let's Play Two

but Mr 22 bounced back to throw a no - hitter in game 2 and force a game 3 yesterday.

In game 3, Let's Play 2 was without their ace Manny

but they still gave a valiant effort only to fall short 2-0 as LT moved on to the Finals. I'm glad and thankful our ace showed up and after a memorable game ending play where Outfielder Kenny threw out a runner at 1st, Lou decided to re-name Kenny Walsh,,.... Kenny Rodriguez ...

I wonder of Kenny will move Above 96th street now .. doubt it.

More importantly , A slightly ugly/tight win from an offensive perspective, but it still feels good to win and advance to the finals. Know it's time to graduate and get that champiosnhip diploma , I can almost here Freddy Mercury of Queen singing , We Are ... my bad .. not yet ... no time for that just gotta go out and do it yourself.

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  1. What is the money line in this game???