Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2 Out Madness for LT .. Stem Cell Controvery?

LawyerTime "LT"
  started the championship in amazing fashion as they strung together 6 straight two out hits in the bottom of the 1st against the Master Batters. It was like a movie - truly surreal. That offensive explosion was non stop throughout the rest of the contest as they rode the tidal wave of momentum to a 10-0 victory. Oh yeah, they did it against a good pitcher and team. Insane.

Worth noting,  late in the game, infielder turned outfielder Eric "Cabezza" Espinal uncorked a very powerful throw that truly shocked everyone and the softball paparazzi asked him about how he developed his throwing prowess

  but Eric's answer's were inconclusive. Hmmmm .. worth watching

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  1. those sunglasses have got to go , Larry Merchant ! who do you think you are Robert Evans ?