Thursday, September 22, 2011


A few years ago MTV has a popular TV show called Total Request Live (commonly known as TRL)
that played the top ten most requested videos of the day, as requested by viewers who voted online for their favorite video. Recently I've been getting a lot of SB topic requests from readers so I thought why not have a Softball TRL posting, and decide whether or not a topic is "blog worthy"

Top Ten SB TRL Topics that have been suggested to me 

 10. SBL TRL Topic : Players who have trouble finding their why home at night?
Blog Worthy - Yes, but I think I will skip this one b/c I already have enough people who hate me.

9. SBL TRL Topic : Players who use softball as a form of psychiatric treatment
Blog Worthy - hmm - Probably - but related to #10 above so let's leave this alone for now

8. SBL TRL Topic : Softball and Porn Connection?

Blog Worthy - Provocative- very possible

7. SBL TRL Topic : Why do people write things on a softball ball?

Blog Worthy - Most definitely -  it's in the pipeline

6. SBL TRL Topic : Softball Wedding Crashers

Blog Worthy - Abso-fucking-luetly - grifters are always welcomed

5. SBL TRL Topic : Softball Tourism Attractions
 Blog Worthy - No. It's just a picture show, even though Teddy with the Indian and African American slave might be revisited b/c politically incorrect shit is always welcomed in this format.

4. SBL TRL Topic : Intelligent & Thought provoking blog- connection between politics, economy, real life, and softball
Blog Worthy : I have a feeling the return of Bob is imminent

3. SBL TRL Topic : Cheaters
Blog Worthy - Long overdue

2. SBL TRL Topic : Softball Mensch's
Blog Worthy - Feel good blogs are good

and the SB TRL Topics that have been suggested to me

1. SBL TRL Topic : Players I don't miss playing with / Players I miss playing with
Blog Worthy - Time to clean out my SB closet

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