Tuesday, August 23, 2011

True Grit needed

It's a been a rough last week or so : Softball Low lights include:
  1.  Undefeated Regular Season Team West NY - goes 2 and out on the playoffs. Pathetic
  2. After Winning the Bum Rush league Championship in Back to Back Seasons - My team the Westies failed to make the playoffs after getting off to an 4-0 start. First time I can ever remember missing the playoffs. Ever. All good things come to an end. Pathetic
  3. Undefeated Regular Season team Charter Fabric blows a 1-0 lead in the 7th inning to lose game 1 of the finals in extra innings. Trail the best of three. To make matters worse the team had an ugly on field fight among themselves. Pathetic
  4. My Monday Performing arts team Bravery eliminated defending champion RJK in the semi-finals but then blew an 8-5 lead in game 1 of the chip to local 802. Trail the best of 3, not pathetic but Tough.
  5. Injuries
  6. Dealing with bitch ass players & gossiping manipulative fools/leagues. Waste of my life force.
Throw in hard hit balls getting caught, getting thrown out at home, playing too shallow, diving plays just off my glove, etc .. it's been tough but the facts are no one feels sorry for you and no one cares.

You just have to have True Grit 

Besides a great movie (highly recommend), What is True Grit? True Grit is having Guts, being bold/brave, ignoring superior force, and most importantly fighting through all of this adversity.
Easier said than done, no es facil,  but possible.
Just gotta do it yourself.


  1. I would also add patience and trust to " True Grit " , they are essential to success in this crazy game we play . I lost sight of them recently and lost a game because of it . I would disagree that "no one cares " , many do care , but you're right , it always starts with " getting it done yourself first , then with each individual teammate collectively . That's when you get a real " Team " .

  2. Great material Ricky. A fun read as always.

    jack s.

  3. Hows the finger Jack?

  4. I am hopeful it'll be ready by Monday. If the hurricane hits i will be ready for sure. I will try to suck it up for Monday. Painful now but in a splint thus it should heal sooner than later. Very lucky!! I though it was a goner for sure.