Saturday, September 10, 2011

911 Remembered

Tomorrow there will be a lot of softball, baseball, and football  played, but no matter what happens remembering September 11th comes first. 10 years ... crazy ... since that evil day.

We are a Great Country .. our spirit and heart will never be broken. Never


  1. Well done Ricky.
    jack s.

  2. For two weeks I watched CNN and didn't leave the house. When it began to feel OK to do something for one's own self, we took the field and found our first reason to smile, after that unforgettable day. For me, Softball brought me back from 9-11. The loss will never be repaid and I'm thankful that the game was there. And it will always be there when you need it. Play hard for those who will never have the joy of playing again.

  3. If it's OK with Mayor Bloomberg I would like to say "God bless those that wear the uniform of the Military, Fire Department, Police Department, EMS and all those other brave men and women who keep us safe"
    Also may the Lord look after all those and the loved one's of those who were murdered that horrific day. Hard to believe our Mayor banned first responders and the clergy from attending the Memorial while inviting politicians who saved no one.

    Jim Bitros