Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SB Lingerers .. a growing SB phenomena

I always thought players lingering outside of the dugout during a game was a A96 thing,
 but this year my ignorant profiling mind has been proven wrong many a time

 as B96 folk have taken to standing outside of the dugout and up the foul line as action is transpiring.

I call players who don't stand in a dugout during a game Softball Lingerers and I could never really understand the logic as to why umpires allow it. I mean if you think about it, it's just stupid as the potential for interference and confrontation is a sure fire remedy for disaster.

In an attempt to understand this SB social lingering phenomena,  let's look at a Top Ten list as to why players don't hang out in their dugout

Top Ten Reasons Why Players linger outside of the Dugout

10. It makes too much sense to stay inside.
9. Cell phone, Smoking, Drugs, and Liquor are more easily accessible and enjoyable
8. Hate your teammates or Your teammates hate you - Need Alone time
7. Body Odor
6. Talk Shit to other team/ ump
5. Talk to other team/fans/umps and tell them how good you are
4. Narcissistic bastards who only care about themselves and don't respect the game
3. It's a way of rebelling against authority
2.  Just dumb

and the #1 Reasons Why Players linger outside of the Dugout

1.Players are like a herd of cattle wandering around grazing grass - mindless


  1. As long as players are in the Dead Ball Territory, its ok for them to linger around.