Friday, September 16, 2011

All we need now is Girls on Speakers

In a previous life,

I used to party in nightclubs all the time and one of my favorite parts of the shallow and provocative scene was the speaker dancing booty shaking woman

(Yes I am a Perv and proud of it).

At my age, 42, Softball is my club now

the drinks are cheaper and I am happy.My special softball club now is the one I co-own and this week we open our fall season with two poppin' leagues/events/promos that happen on the same day. For a small cover charge the following teams have joined.

The Happy Hour Morning League consist of the following 4 teams:
  1. Chaos
  2. Panthers
  3. Brew Crew
  4. Hell Kitchen
The Velvet Rope league consist of 9 teams:
  1. Trojans
  2. Hustlers
  3. Sandbox
  4. Parilla Latina
  5. Dodgers
  6. Devil Rays
  7. Bombers
  8. Aguillas
  9. Fanaticos
It's going to be our most competitive season yet, all we are missing is some shallow booty shaky honey's who would do anything for cash to make the spot complete. Maybe I should give my sister in law a call and have her send the following ladies up to Inwood from South Beach

to make the softball club experience complete. Like the old days

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