Monday, September 26, 2011

Inwood Vibe

Inwood was alive with all day softball action yesterday
as it was great to be back in Inwood both as an official in the morning league and as a player in the afternoon.

My new team the Trojans

may not be perfect

but has talent and good chemistry. Their name isn't based on the popular condoms brand, rather it's in honor of the local high school George Washington, one of the perennial best baseball teams in the city. It feels good/cool to be part of the heights again, hopefully we can keep building on yesterday's victories.

The Trojans don't pay their pitchers, rather they develop them. Their latest project is 18 year old lefthander (not Danny Almonte) Moreno that they are trying to groom

with their their vast experience

Gotta give them props for thinking outside of the softball box.

After my game was over, I hung out and watched the hot new team in the league Parilla Latina take on the bombers and conducted the following behind the mask in game interview with Inwood umpire Lootcho

 best line was "Wherever their is money I love" - Hilarious - Umpire Credo

Gonna be a fun season Above 96th street.

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  1. Luc, next time, let Ricky know that your interviews are pre/post games only. Umps can not be distracted by Paparazzi interviews....U know better than that....: )